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The Hardest Thing To Do Is Walk Away From Someone You Are Still In Love With..

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Wo Din Kabhi Mat Dikhana Mere
Malik, Ki Mujhe Apne Aap Par
Gurur Ho Jaaye Rakhna Mujhe Sab
Ke Dil Me Aise Ki Har Koi Mujhe
Dua Dene Ke Liye Majboor Ho Jaaye.

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On This Holy Day May His Light Guide Your Path May His Love Grace Your Heart And May His Scarifice Strengthen Your Soul Good Friday!

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May The Glory Of Our Savior Strengthen You And May His Graces Shine Upon You On Good Friday And Always !

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आईच्या गळ्याभॊवती तिच्या पिल्लानॆ मारलेली मिठी हा तिच्यासाठी नॆकलॆसपॆक्शाही मॊठा दागिणा आहॆ.

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Don't Compare Someone With Another Person, Everyone Is Perfect In Their Own Way.

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I Will Never Ignore Anyone Because I Know How Bad It Feels When You Get Ignored By Someone.

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