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Aise Bichhdo Nahi Sada Ke Liye,
Mujh Se Rootho Na Tum
Khuda Ke Liye, Maine Manga
Hai Bas Tumhein Rab Se
Haath Jab Bhi Uthe Dua Ke Liye

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Bells Are Ringing The Wishes Of
Christmas Day And The Flying
Snowflakes Are Sending My
Most Sincere Blessings To You
And Your Family. Merry Christmas.

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A Christmas Candle Is A Lovely Thing.
It Makes No Noise At All, But It
Still Softly Gives Itself Away
Quietly, And Unselfish It Grows Small
While Giving Light To Its Surrounds.

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Na Dil Mein Baskar Bhulaya Karte
Hain, Na Hansakar Rulaya Karte
Hain, Kabhi Mehsus Kar Ke Dekh
Lena Dosti Hamari, Ham Jaise To
Dil Se Rishte Nibhaya Karte Hain.

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Warm Wishes From Our Family To Yours For A Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Day With Friends And Family And Give Thanks For All That You Have.

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14 Nov Is Children’s Day! Do You Know Why ? Bcoz 9 Months Ago Same Day It Was 14 Feb Valentine’s Day! Happy Children’s Day.

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